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2 Drama teacher in Bao’an High School (Group) Foreign Language School , Shenzhen

2 Drama teacher in Bao’an High School (Group) Foreign Language School , Shenzhen


  • Prepare and deliver English-speaking Drama lessons in classroom and Drama club
  • Organize the performance and rehearse the script
  • Assesses students’ work and provides feedback
  • Maximum teaching hours: 18 per week (Monday to Friday)
  • Attend staff activities in order to remain current about educational policies and special procedures
  • Office hour: According to school requirements
  • Student age: 6-12
  • Class scale: 45 plus
  • Textbook: None
  • Must be willing to become involved with the life of the school

Selection Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. ; A postgraduate degree is optional and will enhance your conditions of employment
  • At least one year teaching experience
  • Other specific subject teaching certificate


  1. Monthly salary start at(in RMB11000 yuan) depending on qualifications and experience
  2. Free furnished accommodation (including utilities) or RMB 2500 housing allowance per month
  3. Comprehensive medical and accident insurance while you are employed in China
  4. 11 days public holiday per year, plus school breaks
  5. Reimbursed residence permit, and obligatory medical check-up


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Shenzhen City, Baoan middle school (Group) was established in August 1984, Baoan middle school, Guangdong province is the first national demonstration school, Peking University «high school principal recommended system recommended qualification school , the 1000 National Experimental School of modern educational technology, the national moral education experimental school, the national youth civilization etiquette base. School samples of the new curriculum of senior high school in Guangdong Province, nice Campus of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen city teachers’ morality advanced school, Shenzhen city civilization unit.
In order to realize the multiplication of high-quality educational resources, to better meet people’s demand for high-quality degree, improve people’s satisfaction with the educational work, give full play to the school brand demonstration radiation, in November 2015, Bao’an district government decided Baoan middle school as a leader, the formation of the Bao’an middle school (Group)». The group consists of six parts: senior high school and junior high school, elementary school, foreign language school, experimental school and Shiyan foreign language school. The overall size of the group is about 450 classes, the number of students about 21510 people, in the future it will be the largest public education group in Shenzhen.

School Pictures

Shenzen Drama 01Shenzen Drama 03Shenzen Drama 02