How does it work?

How does I want a job in China work?

Just follow a few steps:

1. Choose the job of your dreams within all the offers we have for you.

2. Send us an email attached your CV IN ENGLISH with a CURRENT AND PROFESSIONAL PROFILE PICTURE of you on it (We only accept the cv in WORD version).

3. If we estimate your profile and experience suits properly with the job offers on “I want a job in China”, we will start contact our Chinese companies which offer the jobs. Usually we will ask you for a short video presentation in English where you can show your language skills and profile.

4. If the Chinese company gives us a positive reply about you, we will arrange a personal interview between both sides via Skype.

5. When you get the job signing the contract it´s time for us to receive the reward compensation for our job. This amount is set at 50% of one month salary (only once), – always with a minimum reward of 500€-, which will have to be transferred as soon as the contract is signed (up to 2 working days).

6. Enjoy your incredible new life experience with your new Job in China!